Skincare advice for a northern client

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Dear Alima Pure Makeup Artist,

I live in a VERY cold climate, my cheeks are often very rosy...too rosy in fact. I am starting to feel like I am looking like one of the wee men that work for my husband. Any advice? Would pistachio work? Or do I need something stronger? I have my eye on Trinidad... Thank you for your help on this matter, this time of year is tough on a girl's social life.

All the best,

Mrs. Santa

Dear Mrs. Santa,

Thank you for writing.

I think that a combination of Pistachio Color Balancing Powder, a good foundation that matches your skin, synthetic brushes (as opposed to reindeer hair) and a good moisturizer will solve your problems.  Please refrain from "something stronger," as I suspect that alcohol may also be a contributing factor to your rosy cheeks.  Seychelles would be an excellent choice for your vacation, as I understand that in a month or so you will be free to travel to tropical locations.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Terresa Clark
Makeup Artist

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