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Posted on November 10, 2009 by Alyson Hancock | 2 Comments

As winter approaches, so can dry, winter skin. That doesn't mean you need to put away your mineral foundation -- it just means you might need to change your routine a bit.

If your skin feels tighter than normal after you've moisturized and before you apply any minerals to your face, it's time to consider something more moisturizing. If you currently wear a moisturizing lotion, look for a cream instead. If your current cream is light-weight, you'll need to find one that's heavier without being greasy. Remember to allow your moisturizer to fully absorb before you apply your foundation.

If your skin feels fine without minerals, but the tightness sets in once you have applied foundation, you will want to experiment with different application techniques. The damp brush or sponge technique is probably the quickest way to add a bit of moisture without adding any steps. Spritzing with water or facial mist after applying your foundation in your normal manner doesn't add much time either, and can solve the problem for many people. Even easier and faster - if you usually wear Finishing Powder, try leaving it off.

My favorite technique when I'm feeling quite dry takes a bit more time, but is well worth it. First, I mix some of my foundation with a bit of my moisturizer (remember, this is after I've already moisturized). I apply this as a tinted moisturizer, and then I use a sheer-application brush to apply a layer of foundation as a finishing powder. I've double moisturized, and still applied my two sheer layers of foundation, and I find the result to be both comfortable and pretty.

Lips need extra care in cold weather too, and some lipstick formulas can be drying to the lips. Fortunately, our tinted Nourishing Lipbalms are  the perfect solution to the lipbalm/lipstick dilemma.

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November 30, 2009

HI Stacy, The under-eye area is tricky, isn’t it? I find it best to moisturize well before applying my concealer, or even to mix a bit of moisturizer with a bit of powder to make a cream concealer. It helps the powder meld with the skin better. Thanks for visiting! Kate


November 28, 2009

What about fine lines? I’m only 31 but have started getting fine lines. Alima’s mineral foundation only accentuates these lines since the foundation settles into them (smile lines and lines at corners of eyes).

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