Warm up to fall with beautiful shadow looks

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There must be a rainbow somewhere outside right now--it's raining, but the sun is glaringly bright off of the wet pavement. We're easing into the Portland rainy season. As the seasons change, maybe it's time to change up your eyeshadow routine just a bit--add a little drama to go with the sweaters and scarves.

Smoky eyes are never out of style, but as the weather turns colder it becomes easier to pull off the romantic, grey smoky eye look.  Wear our sparkly Meringue Luminous Shimmer shadow as a highlight, Zen Pearluster on the lid, and Ava Luminous Shimmer in the crease and outer corner.  Line upper and lower lash lines with Black Satin Matte Eyeliner, using a damp brush.  For additional drama, you can put Ava on the lid, smudged along the lash line.

A more colorful look that is perfect for fall is to bend the "stick with either warm or cool" rule.  This gold and purple combination is regal, and perfect with the deeper colors in fall clothing. Use Leone Luminous Shimmer as a highlight shade, add Milan Luminous Shimmer in the crease, and Aubergine Luminous Shimmer as an outer corner/crease shade for depth.  Line the top lid only with Black Satin Matte liner and a damp brush.

Have a gorgeous fall!

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