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Alima Pure Natural Skin Care

“Less is more.” We’ve all heard this phrase. Most of us know the importance of preserving natural resources, of avoiding waste wherever possible. But this idea also has widespread value in other areas--even in the realm of cosmetics and skin care, where excess often reigns.

In fact, many skin problems can simply be resolved by limiting the number of products we use and the amount of ingredients to be found within each product. This is why we sometimes hear people comment that their skin looks it’s best, ironically, after an unfortunate illness or stay in the hospital. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but there’s something to be said about a brief bout of fever, an enforced fast, an episode of extra bed rest, an unanticipated break from makeup and skincare routines--that holds the potential to clear our skin and make it glow.

In a similar manner, many of us have suffered through a major acne outbreak or an allergic reaction ignited by a new skin care product or cosmetic. The dermatologist tells us to ditch our exciting new foundation, our beloved lotions and potions, and to stick with plain old Cetaphil and water for a while. Then, voila: our skin recovers, renews itself, is restored to balance. It may even look better than it did before.

I’ve certainly noted this “less is more” phenomenon at play with my own skin. Not only that, I’ve experienced a dramatic reduction in Rosacea symptoms from giving up, among other things--certain products meant to control Rosacea.

Gentle skincare--a routine pared down to the most effective essentials--is not only healthy for the environment and the wallet; it also allows our skin to breathe. The more products we use, the more ingredients our skin is exposed to (many of them toxic to our health); the larger the likelihood of negative interactions between ingredients; the greater the potential for clogged pores…and so on.

A closer look at Alima’s cosmetics reveal this minimalistic philosophy in action: a few solidly researched and efficacious ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, with a healthy lack of dyes, fragrances, preservatives, binders and synthetics.

So, how does “less is more” really translate into proper skin care? The Mayo clinic defines the “top 5 habits for healthy skin” as:

1) Sun protection

2) Avoidance of smoking

3) Gently washing skin (i.e. using lukewarm rather than hot water, mild, gentle products rather than harsh and irritating ones, patting skin rather than rubbing it, limiting bath and sauna time)

4) Moisturizing regularly

5) Shaving carefully

Add to this, a few judiciously chosen products to treat personal conditions such as Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, sun damage, and aging. Yet, even with regard to this latter category (despite the propaganda of the “anti-aging” industry), a simple approach is generally safer and more effective. The requirements for delaying or reversing signs of aging are surprisingly few:

1) Daily sun protection of at least SPF 15

2) Retinoids (Renova, Retin-A, etc., or an over-the-counter retinoid,)

3) Antioxidants (vitamin c, grape seed oil, or green tea extract, etc.)

4) Exfoliants (AHAs, BHAs, or a washcloth for more sensitive, intolerant skin)

It can be quite gratifying to pare down one’s routine to the fewest effectual products possible. To get started creating or revising your own perfect, “less is more” skin care routine, check out The Mayo Clinic (search by "skincare), Skin Type Solutions, and The National Library of Medicine Skin Aging database.

We'd love to hear what works best for you!

All the best,


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November 22, 2010

Hi Pam, You might try Talulah Skin Care or Golden Path Alchemy, two lines we love. They use excellent ingredients and have beautiful products. In order to economize you might try starting with products (cleanser and moisturizer perhaps), and then add as you are able. I hope they work for you!

Searching for Sensitive Skin Makeup | Alima Pure Blog
Searching for Sensitive Skin Makeup | Alima Pure Blog

July 22, 2013

[…] understand the desire to give up the search. Here at Alima Pure, we deeply believe in the idea that less is more. Products should be simple, clean, pure and feel good, no matter how often you use them. This is […]


October 20, 2009

Hi Caitlin – that sounds perfect! I love Dr. Haushka products. Thanks for stopping by!


November 04, 2009

hi adriane!
on kate’s recommendation, i started using talulah skin care’s products for reactive skin and have been very happy with the results. finally makeup and skin care that doesn’t make my skin freak out. thanks for the great articles.


November 09, 2009

We’re so glad that Talulah is working well for you Gina! Thanks so much for letting us know :))


November 17, 2010

I used to use Paula’s Choice skincare, but started looking at all the ingredients. I am on a budget and most of the natural skin care I’ve looked at is too expensive. Please give me some suggestions. I am researching Yes to Carrots. What do you all think? I really love Alima and want to good natural with my skin care and hair care. I look forward to your ideas!


October 19, 2009

Hey you ladies!
Here’s my first alima blog message!
I have been using the same face oil for about three years now, and I couldn’t go a day without it. It is Dr. Haushkas day normalizing day oil, and it is completely natural, no parabens, etc…I use a couple drops mixed with my regular spf moisturizer, and I notice a big difference, especially in winter when I used to get “dry mask” feeling, ick! Then I use a mineral powder and I am set. Literally!
Anyway, thought I would mention it, as I was skeptical about a face oil at first too. Good luck!


October 09, 2009

Dear Adriane:
I loved reading your post on Natural Skincare. I have not had any luck with finding the right Cleanser or Moisturizer yet. I do agree with you about less is more. Good theory. People can put too many things on the skin and it does make it worse. I would love to know what products your resorted to for your skin. I know that everyone is different but……its always interesting hearing what works for others. Perhaps your routine will help someone else. Thanks again for the Article.
Warm Regards,


October 13, 2009

Hi Karen! I’d be glad to share what skin care products have worked for me; please keep an eye out for a future post on the subject. I, too, love to know what works for others; sharing information is what it’s all about.

Take care and thanks for your kind comments.


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