Fun with Feng Shui at Alima Pure

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There's something in the air. The glowing days of summer are softening a bit (mercifully),  and Alima has been refreshing it’s office space.

Not that anything was wrong with it to begin with…or so we thought. Why, you might wonder, did we decide to change everything from the color of a seemingly innocuous wall to the placement of furniture?

It all started with Kate’s friend, Linda, who happens to be a gifted Feng Shui consultant. For those of you who haven’t heard of Feng Shui (and some of us hadn’t either), it is the art of designing space according to positive energy flow.

Feng Shui comes from China and is over 3,000 years old. It used to be reserved for the very rich but now all of us can enjoy the benefits of this ancient art. According to Feng Shui, each area of the office corresponds with a particular energy: from relationships, career, and knowledge, to health.

Feng Shui seeks to activate the positive energy of these areas through strategic placement of color, lighting, artifacts, symbolic art, etc. When Linda analyzed our office space, we discovered our dear haven lacked proper lighting in stairwell. Also, that a bathroom mirror was badly positioned and needed to be covered. Further, she had us scratching our heads over something purple to hang up. We compromised with a fabulous old photograph from Couture.

She advised us to paint one of our walls red and to position a miniature waterfall by our front entrance. And that was only the beginning…we also had a space clearing ritual to release the energy of days gone by.

Interestingly, we were already aligned with the positive “chi” (energy) in some instances. For example, Kate’s adorable Chihuahua, Alice, takes her afternoon naps nestled in the heart of our “relationships” area of our office. Her sweet presence and gift of “living energy” enhances the positive nature of all of our interactions.

We thought our office space felt good before, but there’s something in the air…the energy at Alima feels that much more balanced and harmonious.


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